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tv   Ukraine News  PBS  May 2, 2014 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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the activity. the merger. we will the eye. ay. watching the daily news casts wasn't denied his country special by the priest ukraine. when m is a dental medical and watches as if it was his and i love a lot of upside to this day dot com. russian special services are responsible for the class quiet and to keep my dom think that is not that easy the rest of the security and defense council and ukraine or is that in this way the kremlin is getting ready
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for the may holidays. so they decided to start from the ideal picture on the fence is in the capital of ukraine. maybe for a column starts this was supposed to reach the parliament of ukraine still the self defense by just stayed until late the block to devote to find out in front of the decades according to witnesses they still explosives and file expected just into the crowds some of the activists brain come across that nutcase mosques on an almost obvious in their hands up to go see since the disappearance and its brutality much as i opened it he says and will be laid from pentagon. the event was a nice shade it's just a memory of the heavenly hundreds by that fact of ukraine and the ruling organizations to my guns self defense leaders and the rights act a sad day when not involved in these events the risk is taken by separatists in particular they captured the days of
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the regional state administration percentages office at the court of appeal the militants up really wanting to see you as weapons and is trying symbols of ukraine. the day before some administrative buildings metcalf said. this all began on the regional department of the security service of ukraine. angry crowds rushed inside with college at bats and other toxins. in addition at night to protest protest is stronger regional police department be used like a nice grenades. headed to lohan's ex minister of internal affairs department was poised to write of resignation. and this morning the regional interior ministry building has been vacant. according to the latest information the national guard and the local life was meant to defense. they stayed in the bill again and again on the rebels with climates andreas is also present in the region. the russian take a lie is also topping the executive can we take off
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the sandwich towne. this is hard to say that on a lattice referendum is to be held. dan and then they can never become the front of assam they will not allow it to hold elections of the president of ukraine crennel and slid as was left without jamie and messed up i officially resigned from office. the technique is disappoint her desire to leave the post and also provided as part of the executive committee building for the needs of this blog as self defense he chilled legs some issues had been sold to long time ago and that's a given theory is that a one to help us. i'm not indulging in every scene according to long on until all the tourists of all we need to become an autonomous republic and they realize it and definitely i would feel more comfortable if i were president was put in it
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the security service in ukraine led to lead the coast of the preparing a attack was a bit every day in my life so that as plant explosion in anger that i was trawling send money into houses and price of the club members a special service pumpkin contest with correspondence and on to canonization of these events to practice the threats and even acknowledging folks with names and amongst the top eight for the so called walk and also that my instructions on how to manage crowds and advise on destabilization on this occasion. the santa magic and as weapons. let confiscated from seeking to assist the investigation is ongoing we're reaching a large amount of social unit was karen's honest to god and creation of groups that would be involved in violent acts to wear it covered the nine suisse
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estimates for payment of those heels. we also recover and sketches of location of the blokes in the region is eric equipment and ways to avoid them. she knew. it is and wants the best of it as having trained me up and i sent a special military camp was located and the security service has detained a citizen of ukraine who used to work for the foreign intelligence. i was recruited by the russian main intelligence directorate in creamy and the date and place is sad that adeline. this ability to calm an involved in this so called self defense of the cranium the next step is the money cards base whether potential so that too is color paintings. cross is wet conducted by the russian security service the records also confessed that he was paid one hundred dollars for wind a piece of work. so who
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knows agenda something that has kept a low one says the wages of one hundred the nest today. those who complete a training and it several times now. there was a dvd oscar prepared for taking an active part in the actions on the territory of maine and ukraine citizens of ukraine russia and representatives of pressure because the movement or is there to prevent terrorism suspects in their regions. this is the main cost for the security forces and government officials said the acting president of ukraine on sunday to check up at a meeting with the hats and regional state administrations. no one's to this effect is preparing supper task in six regions of ukraine. but the main holidays. i was in groups and to destabilize the situation had this up. but asked for his epic song and the cry of regions soapbox. yes i did it
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not been told the station into regions namely convenience and once set the chin. it will. i joined and tension of heads of administrations of those regions. the detention of heads of security agencies tend to care for it especially during the may holidays we must ensure that our citizens can relax during these holidays. when must provide them with peace of mind and protection it's okay we anticipate possible exams and stuffs imitate his cord and disinformation up our intelligence with metallic task is not to spread the senate and to vocalize this fence. given the england is danger. it is. i was standing there will of
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russian officials use of a test vote in elections in ukraine will be held on a defense to shut the book sums up the channel. there is little time left and this should concentrate on operations in fifty two a tin shack impossibility of pressure on voters. by the candidates with equal possibilities for campaigning this is what's to be done but they had in ages the unfortunate units shall not allow any of the nation's state and the acting president. essential electoral commission and as as president of thing is can the highs creature has taken on illegitimate follies the commission explains that referendum in ukraine can be either a nationwide all local but only in the case of adoption of the relevant law jade will elect a president on any circumstances the central electoral commission. well tonight there was also a voting despite possible publications and some polling stations the commission says. at
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the moment the electoral process is going without much disturbance is having some difficulty still exist multiple polling stations apparently seized by armed men. they still do not have information about the number of commission the taste is taken up a kid in class not least in this region was adopted to impress and being in town. however the central tunnel commission explains the many and it dies of heart and wallet. they simplified procedure. they maintain is to practice statement to the station went on to planes to go on till many times it's just not later than five days holiday we're expression the ones who receives many aspects of that the selection approach is to get this so called external factor. coast and rainy and in this unjust nsw and in some eastern regions of ukraine. first of all where talking about the next couple of times unfortunately the specter is
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the most right thinking to do and they would not say that this anti election nation and result this situation to this problem by itself which means that we should put some steel it is long queues at the bottom with pena hit a slow processing of documents about the russian side adding it to find themes and crying what in this state what it lacks in its tracks cross the checkpoint for almost a dollar priced about twenty minutes. what are the icing on this ocd is complications with the beginning of the tennis season as clingy and he's entered mainly by trucks with food and construction materials innocuous companies selected the mainland ukraine and what it lacks make all customs procedures in five minutes one time. the two hundred interesting talks about one hundred and fifty cos i needed to take any of the country's internet mania
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since april twenty high pressure hasn't happened for derek and customs control include an entry into debt to make sense. maybe it's related to lunch. ukrainian this tale for any sensitivity and knowledge of protest they attempt to establish bodies became cranky and ukraine. that the mice state this acts as a family plan may be the themes of friendship and denunciation with linda countries and times of international law the new book the little dusty and i surely didn't rise to the border between ukraine and russia are considered by ukrainian side to beat italy britain and the mets and disregard the fundamental rules of international law and violate early commitments the minister of foreign affairs demand that it made it to stop such illegal actions and expressed willingness to take nature's according to the legislation on ukraine. unions themselves will be obliged to pay new taxes. why does the phrase is
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for those renting houses to today's introduction of a tent for this activity was voted by some to correct fallen into premium on wednesday. the tax rates will vary depending on the nar released into police. if it is less than two tesco and he just talks to people before hingis penny ten. that is to undeserving of the month the right spot. of all the kids just let me just as high at about seven has been eaten. while the days of the special tax will be exempt from acts that would spell it right ukrainian due to the innovation of the government of the regent plaza to receive sixteen unions mobiles of income according to research it was in summer about ten thousand playing is perceived to race into apartments and houses the international monetary fund who decided it wanted to loan to ukraine in washington
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d c by matthew boyd and ominous. consider the assistance package within the deal cooperation program in case of it was a decision the cabinet of ministers of ukraine expects six ten billion dollars during two years the best chance of a million. i received in maine elliott team and imf agreed upon alone in white's opted to miss an ancestor that the state of ukrainian economy. people turn to nine's new dog the procession of the un security council on the train up to two week break. this time the main topic led to his ouster of the geneva agreements made it to april seventeen. then leading diplomats and ukraine thing is you know the u s and russia. the state it was seven hours. they agreed to a specific steps for de escalation of the station in eastern regions. however the green ants are not fulfilled by moscow unanimously declared european american and ukrainian
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politicians want him to study shall we send its troops to train under the guise of peacekeepers. this was taken by dependence are presented to all the ukraine to the united nations he said he and his endless content that's implemented occasions to iran. it includes a few steps stairs to bed it is controlled by the kremlin press administrative institutions and proclaimed the still cold. the show is in your limits than us can recognize as this. and tt's and brands. it's on there the trip was nice to disrupt the upcoming presidential elections because of their lack of support for disability among the population of the eastern regions of ukraine. seeking to wheeze to disagree with the situation in the region the training carry tote numerous complications to his patients. precious points of the indigo parliament by military units. and it is estimated the so called pushing granted it is to be
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cold and as heirs to pray championship. as for the osce observers catchers in slutty as clement was in response invented for their safety on the ukrainian government. how could they bring military guests on a bus and sent them without proper coordination to the area controlled by the self defence forces was active in supplying them with relevant documents and that means they are stages. it was a provocation of canvas artist and a kid. excuse me stupid however delays to the origin unknown even check your statements the scientists of the everson possible to implement a arrangements based in geneva. but moscow doesn't take any state or two madam president. when you lay out the facts speak of true depiction of russian propaganda. having illegally annexed crimea. russia is not de stabilizing south and east ukraine respondents plan to undermine the ability of the people of ukraine. i was showing erik and lily in implementation of the agreement did two tours
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in draft law on anna's teacher who began the constitutional reform and accelerated the dismantling of their case and his band of armed groups and youth. i welcome the stands and composure of ukraine and security forces responded to mr for occasions when he tragically what we've seen from russia since people seventeen is exactly what we saw from russia prior to april seventeen. more attempts to stir up trouble more efforts to undermine the government of ukraine and statement after statement better at odds with the facts what we have not seen as a single positive step by russia. the sanctions aimed at undermining the surge of apron and oven and then only deepen the crisis state of mind about what the answer is sixteen going on are not eastern ukraine and spring but jewellery and nice container from the outside to the stability treat. but evoke some misgivings after screen. the intent of a lady became a captive. although most concede to know the woman had an excursion
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in the procedural. it was obvious she mounted to the top and then suddenly missed a step and fell into a cavity between the walls of the downtown when the old lady had to spend three hours this leads on to their own hair and called rescue service. she was dedicated to thomas takes me to heights by helicopter. now she's in the hospital so that is not correct and the casino is temporarily out of service experts investigate how the visit of god in trouble i decided not to further protect others. opera singer monsoon activity and can get one behind the bar is spanish tennis suspects her of tax evasion. just as an intensive performed concerts in moscow backs on us and jeannie top of an ice planet and diamond company says most of the times the median price who are not authentic audited the investigation. income statements should be submitted in spain and not in
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dhaka. what suspects covered up having shelters income for the amount of over five hundred thousand dollars. and the uae for fortune. this long legged on a background of the military vehicle was done as i guess in that arena full of russian president the promise was also full of pain i'm in memory of the senate in an essence of the times when a member of central heating of the communist party decrease this process to this ballet but his defense of the rally came down to military aggression of russia and east ukraine. therefore the cello section on peugeot place for the rally ask away in front of the military keys to the museum. what do you not to contest discussed by the priest ukraine. you can find more details the website. christie has gone bananas and a woman them come stay with us. fan. thus
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twenty eight the deal in paris and those are headlines for you this hour. every hour no twenty four received a lot from friends twenty one years. the filling is updated every fifteen minutes in the morning and evening prime time. in eighteen thirty points. france twenty four got caught sch. the it is from serious countries are due with some supports. this book is called sports channel four spokesman for short about forty years ago in
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japan sport on is this a sport where competitors use equipment to build a bear. i inhaled. it's been a sort foreplay is called tom. in the past japanese children used to play tomorrow on a daily basis using with a rolled up paper sorts. from this type of child's play the ball sports tomato marriages were killed with participants wearing padded moments in using swords of various lengths. competitors faced off against others with swords of the same plane sometimes two storied sports sword and shield are used at the same time. it was one minute. when you score with a sword that has been a part of
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the opponent's body. however if both competitors may contact at the same time. in both fluids. just like others was in command players down to each other when entering the court during the two leaders also well before exiting. just a place on a six foot seven meter court with three ran for re use the referees determine whether resorts right mix. it is funny. these owners decide which player in red or white wins or loses. children practice very hard each day with him on winning team
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competition. this is unlikely to play against adults. this child's sense of right wing even people from other schools. in addition one on one of his sport's top but the team is called costs. in which teams of ten people they saw the kids in tow. in six matches when he scored twice breaking the performance of its opponents. more children take on an adult. sometimes the children. you know. it deserves an interchange with route two hundred people from twenty one countries gathered for the sports drama filled world championship. the sport stroke association is seeking to increase its popularity internationally with the aim of making it an official
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olympic sport. the don't take all six all rights are projected to have a very bright future in two thousand and fourteen. it's probable been on the tee on to the goatee peak also preferred the budding music recording studio symbolic of faith as croissants more reports. irish country singer and songwriter and pd is attracting increasing recognition recently appeared at the bridge country music awards where she shared the stage with charlie levels of of childers. that woman is well known in legal and has enjoyed a busy year to conceive her release her debut album my songs to you dd though is her stage name where is the comedy is her real name. she explains in rural areas. things are often incorporated into everyday
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names to come in you know this was the same surnames whatever doubts over the list of things i can get a look at a family member. concrete meaning for you. we met at the swimming or has it that peace has worked in which items pharmacy for the past twenty three years. he looks for work of beating and beating people. but in the evenings. music plays a big part in her life somehow talked and i always enjoy things that upset him. i'm taking in any year solace in its northwest at ten am next to them on. they're tough enough. i then came the years he still has to stand upon the teachings or kindle two hundred and fifty psalms that i was always there you know and i'll stop now. supt wilson for me that you will succeed at that end. when i have. he was missing. i began
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to force said. the son of the music. she got a number of ventures on her birthday and use them to do which is due to record her first cd on the banks and packing. that means testing the impact of the ballet studio so that you know that i have to do something themselves. not to proceed he puts me in my soul that when they left provisions on them and act bake in a tomb. it takes the top of the night. but it ended up close. so i've been up to date. hard to post here any deal. austin. since
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stall. megan up to date is one of the mayo one of the city was some kinda people even thinking of me that they view us you can take a minute or so and so forth is dedicated to her mother. as the mighty not want to make this all can have an appreciation that an old piece that come from the past and still continues today. on standings. it is
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each. says. he stopped the assault. it's all just works of the melody that he has a mind which is taking off assault. just the medicine taking the year there is no sense. in a living. at seven am until one has an exit so that now. like several types of music has also been influenced by the british people. i say. as my number one in the optus dollars i need some rest. i tell you today to go to their website basically she's been very helpful to swim as he's cute. they get to know
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the ladies at their cards and did great. some write ups. on a street scene sucks you know me. just like people to contribute to the detroit with its enjoyed a surge in popularity. and as always. he likes of nathan kept getting eight hours have you know the one exception was like in the highchair. you know what to swim. is it like everybody else i think it's actually get all the time. these busy times for the cheapest diary is held through everything and i haven't sleep yet for me it's that i can. i know you know. gates. i'm setting it better than the skin under category a giggle. this
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season so that's awesome it's this thing might get that ice fact that your topical. it's a joy that i get yet didn't she. sixteen smell of leather kevin sites like the guy on the crafts as well as doing local peaks. she has made guest appearances at the brit folk tunes and has been considerably busier since the release of the album with her new song. she has no traveling no further afield including a recent appearance of the film but the show weekend in wales. the last few books she's had a number of radio interviews of a national basis of interference chill bumps up liking the title so you too like the social media has helped to raise her profile that's why i am easy to give states the law. it is knowing this as a fetus that
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tb is to think. so i think that helps the player makes you look into the future she'll take things that are striking. recession or don't dig on tv. the buffet we live this program is brought you why. norway's mainstream crews were his lies to her exploring one thousand miles of norwegian coastal the report local characters and access to wilkinson


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